Guest blog by Transformation Tuesday success story Leanne Garrison…

**EDITORS NOTE- the word “Class” cannot be used at LiveFit. Each time it is said, the client has either 5 burpees or 1 lap on the spot. It’s just a fun game we play. Feel free to call Leanne out next time you see her 🙂 **

I joined LiveFit in February when a friend asked me to try a Friday evening class (*ahem* she meant workout!).

I was nervous to meet new people and wondered how difficult it would be.

I initially thought the trainers were crazy just by looking at the warm up. But they each made me feel incredibly welcomed, like I had been there for months already, and that I could do anything.

After my first class I knew I would make it a priority to be at LiveFit.

I try not to focus on the scale, but rather how clothes fit and how I feel.

Since starting in February, I have dropped 2 pant sizes and gained and sculpted muscle.

I am proud to say I am back in a bikini, something I had “accepted” would never happen again after children!

Friends and family notice the difference.

I notice the difference.

But most importantly I FEEL the difference.

All of the trainers and fellow bootcamp members are so empowering and positive. The type of people EVERYONE deserves to be around.

I know now that the only thing the trainers are crazy about…. is getting you results and transforming your life!

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