If you didn’t see this yesterday, I’m glad you opened this email. Friday night was our awards party for the 2020 Fitness Project transformation challenge that started October 14th. The results were AWESOME.

Just the top 10 alone combined to lose 97 pounds and 45 inches!!!

Last night was even more exciting because for the first time the $500 prize winner had to be present to win.

For every pound and inch lost, every repetition increased in their fitness test and participation got each client an entry. The entries were then put into this cool “Wheel of Fortune” app we found.

So we were all huddled around the laptop, each person in suspense hoping to see their name pop up on the screen. Guess what?

The first 4 people’s names that were picked were not in attendance 😮

The 5th name popped up and guess what, not in attendance either…

BUT WAIT!!! Out of no where the winner Caitlin Ranus walks through the door unaware of what was going on…JUST IN TIME to win the $500 grand prize!!!

It was really cool.

Congratulations Top 2020 Fitness Project winners!!!

Top weight lost finishers…

1.Michael Drankwalter -18.4 pounds
2.Kristen Mitchell -16.4 pounds
3.Sabrina Leconte -13 pounds
4.Belinda Moore -9.2 pounds
5.Tammy J. Wilson -9 pounds
6.Melody Grantham -7.4 pounds
7.Kim Duckie Cason -6.8 pounds
8.Betsy Macdonald -6 pounds
9.(tied) Stacy Hourdas & Leslie Vachon -5.2 pounds

Top inches lost finishers…

1.Kristen Mitchell -6.7 inches
2.Kim Duckie Cason -5 inches
3.Sabrina Leconte -4.7 inches
4.Lor Reddoch -4.7 inches
5.Belinda Moore -4.2 inches
6.Michael Drankwalter -3.7 inches
7.Brandi Blankenship -3.7 inches
8.April Ames -3.7 inches
9.Tammy Wilson -3.5 inches
10.Stacy Hourdas 3.2 inches

NONE of these people dieted PERFECTLY or were 100% with their workouts 7 days per week.

They were CONSISTENT, they made the HEALTHIEST CHOICES with the opportunities they had in front of them and they DIDN’T QUIT ON THEMSELVES.

They took ZERO supplements, they spent ZERO time on a treadmill or elliptical and they all lost more than 1/2 Inch from their Belly, Hips or Thigh EVERY WEEK.

That’s it.

Now that you have the secret, what’s stopping you?

If you’re tired of making excuses and YOU KNOW it’s time to step it up (or get started again), reply back and let me know 2 things:

1. What do you feel is your biggest hurdle between where you are now and achieving your dream body you want?

2. If you had unlimited time, money, resources and ME by your side to help you, what is the #1 thing you’d need my help with most?

I think these are 2 super thought provoking questions that I hope REALLY get you thinking, facing reality and get you to open up to me with your honest thoughts.

I will reply to EVERY reply so get your response to me quickly for the fastest feedback. Let’s start Monday off on the right track!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂