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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag

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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag


Check out the all new LiveFit Swag Store…

All t-shirts/tanks are printed as they are ordered, you will be contacted by a LiveFit staff member when it is available for pick-up. Each month new designs will be revealed and the old designs will be locked away in the ‘vault’ forever, never to be seen again. Don’t hesitate, order now!

This order will be finalized midnight Sunday October 14th. All orders after the 14th will be added to the next order and new design. 

-34Days -23Hours -35Minutes -12Seconds

PURPLE- Team Derek/Rolo

PINK- Team Ashley/Micki/Shelly

**28 Day LiveFit Challenge t-shirts, tanks and towels**

Lavender- Team Derek/Rolo

Pink- Team Ashley/Micki/Shelly

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