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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag

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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag


Check out the all new LiveFit Swag Store…

All t-shirts/designs are printed as they are ordered you will be contacted by a LiveFit staff member when it is available for pick-up. Each month new designs will be revealed and the old designs will be locked away in the ‘vault’ forever, never to be seen again. Don’t hesitate, order now!

This order will be finalized midnight Monday October 9th. All orders after the 9th will be added to the next order and new design. 

-314Days -17Hours -10Minutes -41Seconds

**GAME of SHREDS Challenge Shirts**

BLACK Shirt with WHITE Ink

Client Name

LiveFit Dog Tag t-shirt

Choice of white, gray or green t-shirt with black graphics

What color t-shirt?

Show your gym pride at your next Mud Run!

Black T-shirt with NEON GREEN ink…hide the stains and a wearable souvenir after your mud run!


NO EXCUSES! Get your workouts done at home and take your transformation to the next level…

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