‘m so pumped for all the tools I put together for the 6 Week Shred transformation challenge, but one of them in particular I really wanted to share with you.

So many people mess up breakfast and it shuts down your metabolism to start your day if you mess it up. It’s really a “make it or break it” meal for the day.

Here’s a sneak peak to my top 10 breakfast list included w/ the 6 Week Shred meal plan…

This along with a top 10 lunch/dinner list and top 10 restaurant meal list will be included in the meal plan that I’ll be sending out tomorrow afternoon to everyone that is registered for the program.

As always all my current clients are included free into the new years transformation challenge, but if you know of anyone that could benefit from working with me and the LiveFit team for the next 6 weeks, here is the link to register ==> https://derekkuryliw.com/6-week-shred/

I hope this breakfast list will be a great reference for you to stay on track with the most important meal of the day!

Committed to your fitness success,