1. Balance is key–

Whenever eating any carbohydrates, be sure to include either protein or fat to balance your blood sugar and control the release of the storage hormone insulin. This also helps to prevent energy crashes after meals and keeps you full longer.

2. Keep the fire stimulated–

You need to eat more to lose more. As backwards as that may sound, your body is very simple in the fact that it recognizes either feast or famish. When your body see’s that it is getting more food, it will burn more. If your body is not getting enough food, it will store as much as possible to in fear of not knowing when it will get it’s next meal.

3. Cheat to get ahead–

The old saying goes, “if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying” holds true with this program. Each weekend take a meal or two ‘off’ of the program. This helps to satisfy weekly cravings, prevent weight loss plateaus and keep your body used to non-diet foods to avoid a post diet rebound of your weight loss.

4. Don’t get stale–

This program provides a lot of room for creativity and versatility of meals. Do not let yourself fall into a rut. Each week, evaluate your progress and spend a few minutes to plan your meals and exercise schedule. Planning your meals in advance will save you so much money too. When you buy what you eat, there’s a lot less crap in your cart and in your fridge!

5. Fruit is your friend–

While the low carb fad led us to believe fruit was bad, it is actually essential for your success. Fruit is a great addition to your smoothies, perfect snack and loaded with digestive enzymes to start off a meal. Stick to eating fruit around high activity and exercise to be sure to burn the carbohydrates and get the most energy from them.

6. Veggies are your janitors–

The digestive system is very efficient, yet extremely complex. Use vegetables after meals and as snacks at night to help scrub your digestive tract clean and remove any waste that may have been left behind.

7. Provide fuel for activity–

Food provides energy, specifically carbohydrates. Unfortunately, carbs have a very small window of time to either be used as energy or stored as fat. If you know you will be sedentary in the upcoming hours, limit your carbohydrate intake.

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I’ve been teaching these exact steps since 2008 because it works!

A diet is not about huge changes. It’s about a bunch a small changes.

Make better choices tomorrow than you did today.

Then, repeat those steps again.

Stay consistent, stay on the path, trust the process.

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, CEO & Founder

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