Derek’s Top 5 Cheat Meal Rules!

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1. No Guilt– Savor it. Enjoy it. If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you are missing the point. Cheat meals are intended to be “mini breaks” from your day to day eating schedule and be a reward for sticking to your program throughout the week.

2. Plan your indulgence meals– They should not be a spur of the moment decision. I always recommend to my coaching clients to write down their cravings on their daily meal log. This way you see it daily and you can use it to plan and reward yourself at the end of the week.

3. Don’t forget everything you know about portion control– An indulgence meal should not be a license to binge. Instead, plan it, measure it and ENJOY!

4. Limit your indulgence meals to two times a week most of the time. This one is self explanatory I think…if your cheat meals become more frequent, they are no longer cheat meals, you are just cheating yourself.

5. Move on– Don’t allow an indulgence meal to be a trigger to more bad eating. This is extremely common around the holidays. “Oh well it’s the holidays, I’ll start dieting in January.” This is the worst!

Do it, love every second of it, and move on!

I hope this information proves to be valuable during the next two months.

Remember, whatever you put on now, will be that much harder to lose later!

Your fitness journey should be fun, fresh, exciting, challenging, eye opening and rewarding. Make the most out of every day and every opportunity. Don’t use a month, a season or a holiday as an excuse to sabotage your hard work or hold you back from getting started.


Each day make better choices than the previous day.

In the end you will always be the winner, and that cheat meal will taste that much better!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, Certified Sports Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
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