In an attempt to save you from the early holiday weight gain struggles, I wanted to send you my favorite meal prep recipes today.

As you know, it all comes down to what you put in your mouth so these recipes can help you get in a few less drive-thru/takeout meals this week and save you a few bucks in the process.

First is the easiest recipe ever for a Monday that’s done in about 10 minutes!

Beefy Skillet and Veggies (skillet recipe)

The next is a chicken recipe that can be adjusted every time you make it with a few different seasonings so you never get ‘bored with chicken’.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken (baked recipe)

The last is my FAVORITE, pulled pork. Except this is a low sugar pulled pork recipe that also has a low sugar appetizer and dessert included!

Low Sugar BBQ Pulled Pork (crockpot recipe)

Now you do not have to make ALL of these recipes. Even if you just made 1 of them (each make about 4 servings) you would easily save yourself money and calories.

After all I would much rather save my calories for something covered in chocolate 🙂

Now if this all still seems like too much or you do not have time to shop and meal prep this weekend, I cannot tell you enough how much I have enjoyed the delivered meals from ReBuilt Meals.

To order: 
Save 15%: LIVEFIT15

Every week Michelle and I (plus a dozen clients) get 10 meals delivered to the fridge at LiveFit with 6 new recipes every week. It’s fresh, it’s never boring and it takes 2 minutes to heat and eat!

Have I loved every meal I’ve gotten from them? Of course not, everyone’s pallet is unique. But on the rare times I didn’t care for the veggie, side or sauce I’ve simply either popped a bag of frozen vegetables or made a salad while still enjoying their HUGE portions of protein.

But I can honestly say I’ve really, really, really enjoyed over 90% of every bite I’ve ever taken in the 4 months we’ve been eating their meals and for under $75 a week it saves us so much time and money believe it or not.

We started going through our bank statements with a highlighter over the summer and marking every time we went to the grocery store, takeout, delivery, meals out and WaWa of course. We were spending so much money on food!

Now we pretty much only buy Greek yogurt, salad stuff, coffee and 1/2 & 1/2 every week, the rest of our food comes from ReBuilt, protein shakes and business meetings!

So whether you attack your meal prep yourself this weekend or you outsource the work, you have ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED RIGHT HERE.

If you choose to do nothing, that’s on you!

Only you are responsible for your transformation, you can do this.

Committed to your fitness success,