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Stop Making Excuses and Fearing Yourself- Kim’s Transformation

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Stop Making Excuses and Fearing Yourself- Kim’s Transformation

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Kim Cummings

I was always a wild child and I didn’t take care of myself I smoked and partied a lot.

In 2013 it all caught up with me I had a heart attack and a stent put in at the age of 42.

I knew then I needed to clean up my act and start taking care of myself. I tried doing some stuff at home like walking and home exercise machines. But it didn’t last long,  I did quit smoking and tried to start eating better!

I didn’t really make any progress for 2 years.


It wasn’t until I split up with my husband and gained even more weight that I really started looking for a solution. I was considering joining a gym or buying CDs for px90. But I knew I probably wouldn’t do the home workouts.  I had never worked out before so I would have no idea what to do at a gym!

I started seeing posts on FaceBook  from Christine Demeo about LiveFit.  From when she competed I was very interested and I creeped on Facebook for a while trying to get my courage up to try it.I would drive by the facility and try to see what was going on inside!

Finally  I stopped one day because I was getting a little too creepy LOL!

I spoke to Rich and took a look around. I decided to sign up for the 2-week trial. I couldn’t believe how nice and encouraging everyone was!

Also I couldn’t believe how diverse group of people that were there,  it wasn’t all young in shape dudes and chicks.   I probably would have quit if it wasn’t for meeting Elizabeth Pierce my first day. I was so impressed that she was doing the workouts even with her limitations she didn’t quit or give up.


I was so sore after the first couple of days!

I texted Derek said I have two jobs to work and I have to be able to move! He sent me information right away to help with the soreness and it  helped tremendously.

I realized I could go at my own pace and learn how to manage the soreness and that everyone was rooting for me! I knew I would be continuing after the trial period.

I love the way it made me feel, and challenging myself!! I love that for once in my life I had a routine and was doing something good for me!


I get so much more than just a great workout I get camaraderie. I get to let off steam from the day,  I get me time and I get a better-looking body inside and out!

I remember when I first started I could barely do a push-up, it really wasn’t even a push-up, but now I can do at least 5 without touching the ground!  That was a goal I was so proud to reach!

I have also been able to do my second job as a  Air Conditioning & Heating service tech , so much better now because I can move around better and I’m stronger!

I have dropped 3 sizes I started out size 16 and can fit into some size 10. My skin is better, my attitude is better, my whole life is better!!


I look forward and plan my everything around LiveFit.

I would like to challenge myself maybe to even get on stage sometime in the future.  Although I struggle with the food part of it, I know if I really put my mind to it and with all the help from the wonderful trainers I could do it!

I would tell anyone considering to join that the first step is all you need. Once you try it you’ll be hooked! The word bootcamp, working out, training, or  whatever you want to call it doesn’t have to be scary! It’s your own self  that you fear.

Stop making excuses and fearing yourself it’s the best decision you’ll ever make!!




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