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I don’t know what is was more scarier, starting bootcamp or this email to Derek…

The decision to get healthy was simple, I wanted to live longer for my family, feel better, look better.

With my husband Matt before starting bootcamp

With my husband Matt before starting bootcamp

The execution was a whole other story!!

I was never the skinny girl, I grew up eating what most kids and teenagers of my era ate, and I never thought I would become obese.

It wasn’t until after my son Hunter was born that I wasn’t able to loose the weight.

I figured that after having 3 kids via c-sections that it wasn’t possible to have a flat stomach and loose that weight. I was happily married with 3 kids and they loved me, and didn’t care that I was fat so why should I?

When Hunter was born he was sick and I had to become a stay at home mom. I put my health to the side to care for him and the rest of my family..

Years went by and I got heavier and heavier. I tried multiple diets, bought an elliptical machine, joined weight watchers, and joined a gym. But I failed at all of those.

Depression led to comfort foods for years; I didn’t even realize I was depressed.

In June of 2012, my husband deployed to Afghanistan, and we decided we wanted to renew our wedding vows once he returned. So once again I dieted and worked out for hours a day.IMG_5852

I lost 40 pounds, but the eating wasn’t where it should have been. The long workouts became to much for me and I started to quit.

Then I got the worst news my husband had been injured over seas.. I didn’t have time to worry about myself, he needed me more. The stress, and fears of not knowing what was going to happen with my husband and my family was too much. And once again I put all the weight back on and then some.

We thought he would be in Virginia for a few months and then come home. We still had hopes to renew our vows and I wanted to walk down the isle healthy and happy..

I kept seeing my friend Darleen posting about New Port Richey bootcamp.

In March at breakfast with my new friends from bootcamp. Look how much I've changed since then!

In March at breakfast with my new friends from bootcamp. Look how much I’ve changed since then!

I was interested, but I had arthritis in my knees, horrible allergies, and asthma. I didn’t think I could do the type of workouts they did.

I texted Derek and I said I would come on Friday and he said what’s wrong with tomorrow? So I did!

The look on my face spoke volumes as to how afraid I was.. I have never been so sore, but I went back on Friday.. I was hooked!

My third week I pulled a muscle in my stomach doing V-ups but I didn’t stop. It seemed like for weeks and months I hurt something!! But I never gave up, Derek gave me modifications and stretches to work thought it each time.

I had obstacles in my way too, I had to travel several times to Virginia to be with my husband. Derek gave me workouts to do. I sent daily meal plans to Derek to ensure I was eating better.

I still have arthritis, allergies,and shin splints, but I feel better, healthier.
kara after
I joined New Port Richey bootcamp at the end of Sept 2013, it hasn’t been an easy journey, but nothing worth having ever is!

I still struggle with food, 40 years of bad eating habitats and wrong food choices got me here.

I still have a long way to go, but now I have the right tools and support to get me there. Not only for myself but for my family.. We all eat better, feel better and now I can keep up with my teenage boys. My family is proud of me.

They call me out if I eat something I shouldn’t and encourage me to go to bootcamp even if I say I’m too tired. All it takes is to show up.

I never thought I would be flipping monster tires, pressing 60 lbs weights, and running!!

But I do and I love it!

When people ask me about what I have been doing to lose weight, I get excited to tell them about bootcamp!

it has changed my life in so many ways and I know it would change theirs too.

I’ll never put my health to the side again.

I know it will only get better because I have two awesome families supporting me every step of the way; my family and my fit family 🙂

My story is far from over!!

Kara Hain
Kara New Port Richey Bootcamps fitness boot camp exercise success story

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Click the picture to register in under 2 minutes!!