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I’m too old to workout!

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I’m too old to workout!

Fitness comes in all shapes, sizes, strengths and weakness.

I often get the question “how young is too young for my kid to start working out?”

…or even more often I hear the statement “I’m too old to work out with you!”

The answer to the first question and the previous statement is, if you want to improve your current state of health, endurance, strength or energy…every age should work out!

Let me tell you about two clients that have really stood out in my mind that back up these statments.

First is a young 9 years old girl who started with me about a month ago. Both of her parents are clients of mine and they thought it would be a great idea for her to get started with me as well.

Her personal goals are to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get more active
  3. Get healthier
  4. Learn better eating habits

Hmmm….does that sound like any of your goals?

I’m happy to report that after 1 month she is pushing harder than she ever has. She has found a new outlet to unleash her competitive spirit! She is learning more and more each session about exercise and food to build a solid fitness foundation for the rest of her life.

But, the coolest part of it all is that she now holds the 3rd fastest time on my bootcamp obstacle course!! I’m very proud of her great start and more importantly, she is proud of her accomplishments.

The second client has been with me for a little over a year now. His name is Art and we first met during a grocery store tour I did at a local Publix to teach the public how to make healthier food selections. Afterwards he approached me and told me how much he loved working out and had worked out the majority of his adult life.

Like most gym enthusiasts and average “gym goers”, Arts level of commitment and effort far exceeded his expected results.

Sound familiar?

Art’s goals were simple:

  1. Build more muscle
  2. Reduce his bodyfat %
  3. Learn how to get the most out of his workouts, diet and cardio

Does this sound like any of your goals?

The part I failed to mention is that Art is 70 years old!

He is now in the best shape of his life, at 70, with more strength, more muscle and a comprehension of dieting he wishes he had 50 years ago.

I think Art’s only complaint is not having enough energy. After his 6am workout and cardio, 8 hours of delivering appliances up and down multiple flights of steps for Lowes, caring for his 2 horses, drawing custom art pieces at sunset on the Tarpon Sponge docks, playing with his dog and having dinner with his wife…he calls it a day before that late night talk shows.

I guess that’s as good as it gets at 70 🙂

I turn the big 3-0 (OMG 30!!) in 4 days. Clients like my 9 year old and like Art at 70 give me something to push, strive and work for.

So, how old is too old?

How young is too young?

Art Fitness Drawing New Port Richey Personal Trainer

A colored pencil drawing by Art

It’s never too soon or too late to start feeling your best!


Derek Kuryliw, Certified Sports Nutritionist
Slim Fit Weight Loss, Owner/Founder
For questions or comments: 727.851.SLIM or Derek@slimfitdiet.com

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