Get your ass in shape…you missed these 9 steps! | Derek Kuryliw

Get your ass in shape…you missed these 9 steps!

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Get your ass in shape…you missed these 9 steps!

I wanted  to share with you the meat and potatoes of Tuesday night’s transformation meeting.

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Our trainers and top transformation success stories got together to help a new crop of future competitors with tips on the proper mindset, dedication and lifestyle changes.

This is really one of the coolest events we have ever done. Over 50 people were in attendance to learn from previous transformation success stories and our fitness and bodybuilding competitors.

I came into this meeting with no script and no pre-arranged questions. Before I started, I jotted down 5 notes that I thought were integral to each client success from my experience working with so many successful men and women throughout the years.

Here are my top five tips for getting your start to becoming a major transformation success story…

This is a continuous learning process

You do not know your body yet. You do not know what your body requires to fuel, function and perform at the highest level.

With this in mind, you must understand that neither do we.

Each day, each week and each month that we work together, both of us will have a better understanding of what works best for you. What works for one person to get them completely ripped and in shape might not work for you.

Log EVERYTHING into MyFitnessPal and get your body fat tested monthly

For this reason it is essential to document everything including all workouts, water intake, measurements and meals. This way all of your changes can be based on fact and data, not your emotions.

Be upfront with your spouse, friends and family

You cannot expect everybody in your life to be on the same journey as you.

You will be making lifestyle, nutritional, financial and time management changes in your life that will affect others around you.

To avoid frustration and getting derailed later, let these people know your intentions, intended time committed to this process, what foods you will be avoiding and also how you plan on doing your part to make sure that life and responsibilities continue on as normal.

Drink more water

This one should be the easiest to understand but it is often the most overlooked. Your body is 72% water, more or less, and the more hydrated your body is the more efficient everything will work.

You will feel stronger, look more youthful and feel more energy.

Pack your meals

The biggest question I always get is in regards to pre packing for preparing meals in advance. Don’t make this harder than it is. You have to start somewhere.

Sara Crosswhite transformation before and after pictures

Sara Crosswhite transformation before and after pictures

Start by making an extra portion of tonight’s dinner and packing it up for tomorrows lunch. Even if it’s not a perfect meal for the healthiest option, it will be better than not having any food or making a last minute fast food decision tomorrow.

My favorite part of last night was the opportunity to listen to others who have walked the same path. I always hear my voice talking so it was nice to hear someone else 🙂

Sara, a 2014 bikini competitor and LiveFit trainer, had three very good takeaways herself…

Set a goal, make a plan and stick to it

It is human nature to want to always change or tweak what you’re doing. B

But, the truth is if you do not stick to anything for long enough to see the results, you will never see any results at all.

Take pictures

The scale, measurements, body fatyour eyes, and the mirror will play tricks on you throughout this entire process.

Your ultimate goal is to look and feel better.

For this reason, you must take pictures on a every other week or monthly basis. You see yourself everyday so sometimes when you step away you realize how far you have already come.

Plus, the pride you get each time you look back at that dreaded before picture and compare it to your most recent pictures is unlike anything you can imagine. It’s the ultimate tool to keep yourself on track!

Eat for your goals, not your kids

Someone raised the question of whether or not she prepared the same dinner for herself as she did for her husband and kids.

The answer was an easy, no!

Shelly, a first time bikini competitor shared some hilarious stories about the emotional toll that plays on you and your family :)

Shelly, a first time bikini competitor shared some hilarious stories about the emotional toll that plays on you and your family 🙂

Your husband and your kids are not going to be stepping on stage in a bikini, you are. They are not going to be going through the same workout that you are and they do not have the need to fuel your body like you are.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat completely different than your family… it could be as simple as removing your meat and vegetables from the pan before adding any extra sauce or ingredients that do not work towards your goals.

My wife Shelly who just competed in her first bikini contest and is completely new to the fitness world also shared her advice and experience.

Don’t compare yourself or your progress to others

She explained how after 3 months, she still did not see a difference and nobody noticed her progress.

Her training partners meanwhile had made steadily noticeable improvement week by week and received compliments on a daily basis.

Everybody’s body responds differently and you just need to be patient and trust the process. Your body will let go of the stubborn fat but you have to be patient enough, persistent until the end and want it bad enough.

Finally, our head LiveFit trainer Rich Berrian added his personal experience and best advice.

Everybody has an opinion, there are millions of diet plans online and there are hundreds of local trainers but, the only way to get your best results is to commit to one plan and stick to it.

Commit to 1 plan and stick to it

Rich explained the temptations of constantly changing your workout and diet.

Rich explained the temptations of constantly changing your workout and diet.

They all might get you the same end result but not when you mix them. When you start combining strategies, you begin to dilute the original intentions of each. It really just comes down to trusting the process and trusting yourself.

I’m excited for you to start making changes toward becoming a major transformation.

You might be asking yourself, ‘So where do I start? This is so much to process!’

The most successful transformation clients are the people who pick one thing at a time, commit to getting better at it and then moving on to the next thing. When you change too many things at once, YOU FAIL!

Your goal is to get a little better, a little leaner, a little stronger and a little smarter every day.

That doesn’t happen by turning your life into a fitness crash course.

Set yourself realistic goals and expectations. Make your plan based on you and your personal goals.

The best place to start is to know the facts.

I would recommend getting a 9 point/pinch body fat analysis. It is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to identify your starting point. From there you will be able to properly set yourself goals as well as a realistic time table for how long it should take to reach those goals.

With this data I can also more accurately recommend your ideal daily calorie intake as well as optimal protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios.

You have enough information to get started and become successful. Will you take action or will you wait until the perfect time?

Guess what? If you are reading all the way to this point…It’s the perfect time NOW!

If you are ready to take the next step, email me at and include…

  • Include the word “Transformation” in the subject line
  • In the email, include your #1 goal
  • In the email, include your #1 fear
  • In the email, include your #1 limiting factor

I will reply back with my recommended next course of action so you’re confidently on your way to becoming your best version of you!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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