Every club, team, fraternity and group has either a secret handshake, initiation, rite of passage or greeting.

Jeep people wave at each other. 
Karate people bow at each other.

Well at LiveFit we flex at each other!

I started writing the framework for this to you yesterday, and around 5 p.m. I messaged our trainers asking them to take a bunch of pictures of our clients flexing.

Here’s the pics ==> What the Flex? (new video)

There is no way to know what type of pictures I would receive, but I knew each of them would have a confident and smiling face beside the flex!

Why? It’s because of what the flex represents.

To me when I see others flexing I see confidence, happiness, pride, companionship, teamwork and perseverance.

Think about it, have you seen a depressed person throw up a flex in the middle of a selfie or picture?

Maybe, but I bet they were a whole lot less depressed (or distracted) while they were flexing!

It’s because the flex is a position of power. Just like standing tall with your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman or Superman, your posture reflects power.

So what’s the point of this email and what is my purpose of writing this to you today?

Two things…

1.) Be aware of your posture. How stand, sit and carry yourself reflects a lot about you.

Do you slouch any care because of weak core muscles?

Are your arms crossed and giving the impression that you are closed off?

Do you lean on one leg more than another looking like you are about to tip over?

Or do you stand tall, hands on hips, ears lined up with shoulders and chest up ready to conquer what the day throws at you?

2.) Fix your flex. If you are going to throw up a flex, you might as well do it right! Here are some pointers…

DON’T flex with your arm behind your head. You will look like a caricature with a giant head and small arms. Keep it by your side or slightly forward.
DO squeeze your arm and get your hand flexing close to your shoulder. Tighter squeeze=bigger flex
DON’T flex with your elbow pointed towards the camera, you won’t see your muscles. Again, keep it by your side or just slightly forward.
DO rotate your wrist slightly so your thumb goes towards the sky. Do this to watch your biceps dance!
DON’T drop your elbow down to low or way too high. Keep your elbow just slightly above shoulder height. (this also helps stretch out the dreaded tricep fat…shhhh)
DO push your chest out, elbow forward and line up your hand even with your arms and shoulder. Show more surface area, show more muscle!

Now is this completely vanity? Maybe.

But I guarantee if every time you’re in front of a mirror, instead of over analyzing yourself, you threw up a flex in the mirror and smiled you will start feeling a lot better about yourself.

You will also start to notice more muscle, experience more self-confidence and of course show the most swagger in any group photo for the rest of your life!

Make it a great day, you are in control.

Committed to your fitness success,