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Fitness success comes in all ages, shapes and sizes

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Fitness success comes in all ages, shapes and sizes

“I’ve tried everything and never see a change”

“No matter what I do, I can never lose this stupid belly.”

“I feel better but I’m not sure I see a change.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

These are exact comments from 2 of my longtime bootcampers, April Kalloch and Andrea Ciciretti. These 2 bootcampers also happen to be our top 2 finishers in our recent 21 Day Beach Body Jumpstart fitness challenge.

The rules were simple, on day 1 we measured each participants neck, shoulders, stomach, hips and thighs. We also measured each participants bodyfat % and did an inital fitness analysis consisting of 10 common exercises such as pushups, squats, dips, tire flips, burpees, inverted rows and situps.

On day 21 we repeated the entire intial measurements, bodyfat % and fitness analysis.

Now for anyone who has ever exercised for a long period of time in their life, conventional wisdom tells us that my newer bootcamp participants would have better odds at winning than some of my bootcampers that have been with me since we started over 18 months ago.

Well guess what??? WRONG!!!

New Port Richey Boot Camp 21 day beach body winner awardOur winner and mother of 2, Andrea (started with me over a year ago), lost over 5 inches total and over 2.25% bodyfat in only 21 days! Thats over a pound of fat and an inch lost per week. Plus on top of it all, Andrea spent the entire last week of our 21 day challenge on vacation in Las Vegas…the kingdom of buffets!

Our second place winner, mother of 4 and grandmother to many more, April Kalloch, has been with me since my very first bootcamp session almost 2 years ago. While April has always pushed and worked hard at bootcamp to get stronger, lose weight and firm up her problem areas, she knew it was time to put everything together for a strong push. She focused more on her meals before and after bootcamp to provide optimal fat burning and muscle toning. The result? She lost almost 1/2″ just in her belly alone, over 2.5% bodyfat, increased her pushups and squats in 1 minute and did an incredible 10 more burpees in just 21 days!

Fitness does not have a number or a score much like a test or credit score would. So how do we know when we’ve achieved fitness?

Have you pushed yourself as much as you could to see the results that you desire?

Or have you fell into a comfortable eating schedule, exercising here and there without focus and just going through the motions?

Time is precious. Outside of our health, time is one of our most valuable commodities. It is one of our few assets that we have almost complete control over (even though you may not feel like it sometimes). Don’t waste it doing exercise and stupid diets that aren’t tailored to your specific needs!!

Take a minute or two to write down all of your daily activities and find tasks or routines that can become streamlined to give you more time to achieve what you desire.

It can be done no matter your age, your current condition or current size.

I know for a fact that if you ask Andrea or April they would tell you, if they can do it so can you!

So while you might not be able to see your “Fitness Credit Score” there are easy to track statistics to gauge your success.

These numbers will help to guide, inspire and measure your efforts. They keep you accountable.

Why just go through the motions when you can look, feel and be a better you than you ever imagined?

Don’t sell yourself short.

Andrea and April didn’t.

Commited to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw






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