I’m sure at your job or work you see something done incorrectly over and over again. Well, at my job I see the same thing!

What I really see done incorrectly MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE is proper goal setting and planning.

People think that just because the calendar flips to January 1 or the beginning of a new transformation challenge and all of the sudden everything will just click and fall into place. WRONG!!!

==> How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along???

==> Does LAUNDRY and COOKING frustrate you to NO END?

==> Do you feel like you can NEVER GET AHEAD IN LIFE to even think about EXERCISING or getting IN SHAPE?

This is because we fail to plan properly and set proper goals.

NEW Video > “STRUCTURE = FREEDOM | successful planning & goal setting”

When you set proper goals you now have an instant ‘decision maker’ for all YES and NO opportunities you face daily.

Does this cupcake align with my goals? Yes or no? Duh!

Well setting goals is not enough. You need to set boundaries, structure and accountability into your life. It does not take 21 days to make a habit…

…It takes it deliberate and consistent effort day in and day out until you no longer have to think about doing it anymore.

Is this possible? Do you still brush your teeth and shower daily?

Well for the things that are not so easy that’s where SETTING CALENDAR REMINDERS in your cell phone for things like:

✔️planning your meals, 
✔️when you go shopping, 
✔️when you will cook them, 
✔️when you will do laundry, 
✔️when you will set aside your gym clothes, 
✔️when you will wake up, 
✔️when you will work out, 
✔️ an hourly reminder to drink 6-8 ounces of water

…and when you will do every single little mundane tasks in your life. Then you must RUTHLESSLY protect your schedule!!!

The more BOUNDARIES you create, the more FREEDOM you will have in your life.


Watch this video and PLEASE tell me your thoughts and reply to share your favorite parts and the strategies you use in your life ⤵️⤵️

“STRUCTURE = FREEDOM | successful planning & goal setting”

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂