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Do You Fear Success?

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Do You Fear Success?

Guest post by a current client-

It seems odd that people would be afraid of success, yet in reality it happens all the time. For me, it’s been a constant struggle. This fitness journey is proving to be more of an internal struggle than a physical one. I am fully capable to physically succeed; I can push my body over its limit. However the emotional journey devours me. Accepting the fact that I truly can be successful in this journey has been quite the inner struggle. I absolutely love training; I love the adrenaline and the challenge of overcoming my physical abilities.

The unthinkable can happen at any moment in life.  I’ve had loads of stern reminders that life is far too short to be wasting time doing things that you don’t love whole heartedly. It got me thinking about how I spend my waking hours and if in fact I am doing things because I love them or “just because”. The things I fear the most include doing things I absolutely love; things that make me a healthier & happier me. Like training hard, bending myself past my own limits or blasting out an outdoor cardio session.

So what does this mean?  Heck I have no idea – really I’m just thinking out loud.

Should I marathon instead of competing?  Or Should I just flag it all and get fat? The answer is, I will stick to my goal, set my eye on the prize no matter how fearful I become.  The one thing I know is that I’ve REALLY enjoyed my training. I’ve done about a million burpees, smacked the shit out of stuff with a sledgehammer and nearly kept up with the trainer!

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Fear can push you to run from what you want or it can push you to work harder for what you want; only you can make that choice.

Derek’s notes:

Interesting topic huh?

It’s funny, I think as a personal trainer this is so common in my everyday life. The conversation with a new client always goes something like this…

“I want to do this in ___ weeks, and tighten my butt, legs, lunch lady arms…ohhhh and lose 10 dress sizes. BUT….. I can’t do ____, ______, _____ and it always hurts the next day when I do _____ so I won’t do that either! Did I mention, diets don’t work for me so I don’t do that either.”

Before I’ve even made a recommendation, they’ve answered all their own questions about what they SHOULD be doing already. You see, we make little Personal Agreements with ourselves based on voices in our mind echoing prior experiences of success, failure, pain, etc. These agreements become the emotional attachments to fears, self-doubts and limitations.

“The conquering of these agreements is key to breaking barriers, creating new voices and living new truth” said Mr. America Steve Michalik.

So next time when faced with fear, find a way to overcome and push harder. The only thing worse than fear, is fearing success!

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