DO NOT OVERTHINK IT! (Naomi’s Transformation) | Derek Kuryliw

DO NOT OVERTHINK IT! (Naomi’s Transformation)

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DO NOT OVERTHINK IT! (Naomi’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Naomi Fields

One thing to know about me is I am an over thinker! I analyze everything until there is absolutely nothing left.

I found it hilarious that the text message from Derek told me to write 250 words about my journey and to not overthink it! Yeah right!

Once again this whole Boot Camp adventure has taken me out of my comfort zone and showed me to just show up and DO IT!! So here goes……

new port richey personal trainer comfort zone magic happens

I really didn’t have an ah-ha moment to begin.

I kept seeing my friend Missy’s post about this place and I was curious one day enough to click the link.

I spoke to my husband that day and asked him his thoughts. “Do you think it’s stupid?” He was supportive just as long as I didn’t get in one of those bikinis on stage. I said of course not!

Funny thing is I can honestly say I would consider this one of my future goals now. Not so much about the bikini but to get into that kind of shape where you have enough guts to get on a stage in a bikini.

My first day, I was extremely anxious. Ready to get it over with.

I met Rich! I think I introduced myself twice I was so nervous. He was huge and and here I was about to work out with him!? WTH! But he was so kind and sweet.

Rich and Derek have been so awesome to work with. They know their stuff and it didn’t take me long to put my trust in them. (Which is something I don’t take lightly)

I have had a couple issues that arose because my body wasn’t used to all the different workouts, but Derek was always a text away with his stretch and modification texts! And I never missed a workout because of those issues.

I kept my head down and focused on the goal.

I was sore that first 2 weeks but I followed directions and went to Hardbody Sports Nutrition for BCAA’s and protein shakes. THEY WORK!

I remember the first time I did a sit-up by myself or jogged a mile with some of the awesome ladies I have encountered. I was so proud of myself!

I have NEVER been athletic. You would have never caught me running! Now I don’t mind it.


I mean I definitely had to push myself. This doesn’t just happen, I had to talk myself into it everyday to SHOW UP!

Hell there were times I showed up and had to pep myself up to stay. But after that first month it became an addiction; one I knew I could not live without.

And the environment! So much inspiration everywhere you look!

I don’t meet people well (I hate small talk) and this place pushes me to meet people and engage with them.

It has given me more than muscle, it has given me a place where I can go and put away all the bullshit I hold and be around fun, inspirational and caring people.

Now for the realist shit! I smoke! Ugh… name is Naomi and I am a smoker.

I have quit three times (three kids) and instantly pick them back up.

This is one thing left to my journey to get fit. And I will do it!

So if I can go to Boot Camp 5 to 6 times a week as a smoker and not die than anyone can. FOR REAL! But all I can do is keep trying and one of these times it will stick especially with the environment I am in at LiveFit.

The trainers know I smoke and have given me different tips on how to quit, but I have NEVER felt bothered and pressured. Once again just pure love and support from these guys!

I am slowly but surely beginning to love my body again! I have never, I repeat, NEVER felt this good! And I know it’s only going to get better.

I get so mad at myself for not doing this sooner in life. I would’ve saved my husband a lot of headaches! Ha ha!

But seriously if you are debating this thing called LiveFit take my word for it…..THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! (With the exception of my kids and husband of course)

“Just put away the bullshit” -Derek Kuryliw

Thank you to Derek and Rich for always giving me that extra push, even when I scream!

LiveFit for life baby!!!!




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