Whether you believe me or not, you have ALL the tools you need to make a major head-turning, life changing transformation in 2020.

The rest is up to you and what you predominantly put your focus on.

That’s it.

No really, it’s that simple except as humans we want to over complicate this.

For instance, if losing 20 pounds by Spring Break (1st week of April) is your #1 goal then you need to passionately focus on that goal, and the steps to get you to that outcome.

And it is really just that simple.

1 – identify your goal
2 – define 2 daily steps to get you there
3 – score yourself 2x daily (midday and night)


Go big and go bold in setting your goal. So many people OVERESTIMATE what they can do in a month, and greatly UNDERESTIMATE what they can do in a year. The problem is because most people don’t have patience and lack focus.

This step is important because your goal should create both excitement and fear when you think about it.

ACTION STEP ==> once you identify your goal write it down EVERYWHERE along with a deadline date. Put it on a post-it note that goes next to your coffee pot, nightstand, fridge, pantry, wallet, bathroom mirror, etc…

You should also change your cell phone lock screen and backdrop to something that reminds you of your goal as well. You look at your phone 100-300x daily, it’s your best place to put your goals!


This step should be quick and not require too much thought. What are 2 things that you could do EVERY DAY to make sure you hit your goal by your deadline?

These should be 2 super simple things that can become routine like:
1.) eat a big salad with dinner to avoid late night snacking
2.) walk for 10 minutes when I get home from work each night

These 2 steps might change 90 times in 90 days. Be flexible with this step and use step #3 to adjust your course of direction.


This is another simple step that you shouldn’t overthink. On your cell phone set a recurring reminder for 12pm and 8pm daily that says “Am I on track to lose 20 pounds by April 1st?”

This is when you’ll evaluate what your 2 daily steps are for the day, and if you need to course correct.

This is just like using GPS vs. Mapquest from pre smart phone days.

Here’s why, your GPS is ‘checking in’ continuously to determine whether or not you are on the right course. Old school style of using Mapquest, you’d print your directions before you left the house and if there was an accident, construction, the road didn’t exist, etc then you were screwed!

Use your 2x daily reminder as a scorecard for yourself.

Think of yourself as the GPS or a coach at halftime that needs to make adjustments to ensure your team will win. Except YOU are your team and your success or failure is dependent on YOU doing the 2 most important things every day to get you there.

2020 can and will be your year. It’s going to take deliberate consistency to get there, and this is how you start.

This is not a strategy or a gimmick, this will help you create awesome habits that will last you a lifetime. You owe that to yourself!

If you need more help please do not hesitate to email me derek.kuryliw@gmail.com or text 727-810-4005. Have a question for me? Iā€™d love to hear from you. Don’t struggle in silence šŸ™‚

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda šŸ™‚