I wanted to catch you tonight before you went to bed and make sure that you have everything in line to kick-off a new week on the right track.

So often I find that people just tell me that they “did good” or they “did bad”, but they don’t identify what they could do better or how they are going to do it.

Tonight I want you to ask yourself, if you could pick one or two things that you could improve upon this week, what are they?

What is the lowest hanging fruit or easiest thing that you can make a quick change in doing?

Is it sugary creamer in your morning coffee?

Is it not packing workout clothes and bring them to work with you?

Is it not having lunch prepared the night before, so you stopped by a drive-thru instead?

Whatever those one or two things that just popped in your head, figure out a way to fix them in the easiest way possible. Don’t try to figure out something complex, just figure out the easiest path possible.

When you start fixing things with easier solutions, you are more likely to stick to them.

Sometimes something simple like setting a phone alarm nightly at 8 p.m. to PACK YOUR GYM CLOTHES and PREPARE YOUR FOR LUNCH the next day is all you need.

Don’t get fancy, get practical!

Make it a great and productive week 🙂

Committed to your fitness success,Derek