I’ve got a bit of harsh reality to share (or expose) with you today…

Your stubborn body parts that are holding onto excess fat are only going to add on more and more fat.

Why? Because your fat is committed 🙂

Your fat doesn’t take a day or a meal off.

Your fat definitely doesn’t take a week or a month off.

So while you’re skipping workouts a greater uphill battle is forming on your…

==> hips 
==> lower belly 
==> inner thighs 
==> back of your arms 
==> bra fat area

What can you do? The obvious answer is- don’t skip days!

But I realize that everyone has different schedules, priorities and limitations that hold them back on a daily basis from going to bootcamp or a gym.

This means you need to build in time and develop a new routine.

Something simple, quick and effective.

That’s why my Morning Metabolizer workouts help so much because in under 5-8 minutes you can attack your 2 most stubborn body parts every day with 200 direct fat burning repetitions.

I explained these style of workouts with you last Wednesday, but in case you missed it…

What is a Morning Metabolizer?

Of course I always love giving things cool names, but in short a Morning Metabolizer is a quick 5 minute workout (or more) to jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning!

While you’re sleeping overnight, your body is processing the surplus glucose, amino acids and fatty acids to help heal, grow and recover your body from the previous day’s wear and tear.

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So when you wake up, your blood sugar is at its lowest point meaning your body’s primary energy source will be from any last remaining glucose in your system or your stored body fat.

How do you do it?

The easiest way to to get started is to pick 2 exercises, perform 20 repetitions each and repeat for 5 total sets.

The best part is these can be done very quickly.

For instance 20 jumping jacks and 20 bicycle crunches would take less than 30 seconds for an advanced client, but no more than 60 seconds for the most beginner client. So you’d finish this in under 5 minutes to start your day!

To target your most stubborn body parts, you can include exercises each morning that isolate those areas best.

For instance if you don’t like the back of your arms and want to burn extra fat from your inner thighs you could do 20 close grip push-ups against your countertop and 20 wide leg squats for five total sets tomorrow morning.

The key is to not overthink it and just do it!

After a couple of days it will become routine and habit.

The early morning adrenaline and endorphin release will help jumpstart a great day with more energy and a faster metabolism!

Committed to your fitness success,