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No Excuses!

Guest blog by bootcamper: Tisa Futterman The number one most frustrating thing about bootcamp for me is how everyone else seems to be passing me. I am now a veteran bootcamper as I have been coming consistently (four days a week or more) for 3.5 months. Yet, I am still last to finish the exercises, last to get up from the ground, and still using modifications. Have I lost weight? Yes. Have I lost inches? Tons! But, I am still[…]

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Look Better NAKED in 7 Days (5 easy steps)

Whether you are getting ready for a cruise that you didn’t quite get into the shape you were hoping for, or you are finishing up a Team Transformation contest at my fitness boot camp in New Port Richey, there will come a time when you need to lose weight QUICK!! Just like the new Kindle Fire, I AM YOUR ‘MAYDAY’ BUTTON! Read these simple steps and follow this gameplan for the next 7 days to ensure you drop the most[…]

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Are you missing a little EXCITEMENT in your life?? (client blog)

Guest blog by LiveFit bootcamp client: Jamie Adcock One might ask one’s self, “Self, how is it humanly possible to get scraped knees without ever hitting the ground?” I’ll tell you!… Drum roll please…….. Standing Tire Obstacle Course! OH YEAH!! This course tests your agility, speed and the strength of your epidermis! Beauty is only skin deep. Who needs skin anyway?   So, you say you want to be a contortionist too? NO PROBLEM! We’ve got that covered! Step right[…]

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I curse you Derek Kuryliw!

Guest blog by: Jennifer Stevens Jennifer’s Diary: Week One The first thing I did Monday morning was curse Derek Kuryliw’s name (sorry, Derek).  It was 5:00 am. Granted, it was only 15 minutes earlier than my usual wake-up time, but when you’re not a morning person, it makes a difference. I rubbed my eyes and looked over my morning workout options. Twelve minutes of squat jumps, push-ups, bicycle crunches and lunges seemed like the most doable. But two minutes in,[…]

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New Accountability/Progress Tracking for clients!

I am so excited to tell you about a new feature to my LiveFit program that will take your accountability to a whole new level! You will now be able to set your goals, track your results and see how far along you are anytime! While I have always taken measurements on my clients periodically, it is very hard and tedious to track, compare and analyze the results with each client. As a perfectionist, THIS BOTHERS ME!! Nothing is more[…]

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Quick Notes: Big News, Cool Story and a Healthy Dinner Recipe

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope this email finds you in great health on this morning of church, football and family. It’s still quiet in the house and it gave me a few minutes to sit and reflect on this past month. First of all, I have gotten a few emails lately about not sending out as many email tips and suggestions over the past month. There are 3 reasons why: I respect your email address and only want[…]

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Mel’s Roller Coaster

Guest blog by: Melanie Vance   Ok here is my journey for you. First the picture to the left is after 6 weeks off of bootcamp due to surgery and the right one is obviously competition day. They were taken 14 weeks apart. I might jump from subject to subject because as things pop into my head I type. Sorry in advance about that! I’m going to start from the beginning. I  started bootcamp to get in shape because I[…]

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Robin’s Journey (a 40 something, mom of twins, leaves others in AWE!)

Guest blog by New Port Richey Bootcamp trainer: Robin I am one of those people who has always looked at other people and thought “Wow, I wish I looked like she does.” Not out of envy or jealousy, but out of wishing I had the motivation that it took to look that way. Gyms have never really been right for me, it seemed I could never stick with it. I am a forty-something, ahem, mom with a full time job,[…]

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