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My Journey- Unfiltered & Uncensored

“Trust the process.” What a simple statement yet one of the hardest things for the mind to accept. I have told this one simple concept to clients for close to 13 years now and no statement holds more true. So what happens when the script is reversed? What happens when I become the client and I am told to trust the process? This is exactly what has happened over the past three weeks for me. For the first time since[…]

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I think this will help you (Nutrition & Accountability challenge)

The saying goes, if your goals don’t scare you then your goals aren’t big enough. If when I say the words nutrition and accountability you feel a little lump in the back of your throat…GOOD! Then this email is for you. Wednesday November 1st we are starting our next challenge. This 21 Day Nutrition and Accountability Challenge will be all about YOU. ( X ) YOU staying focused. ( X ) YOU staying on track. ( X ) YOU challenging yourself and holding[…]

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Transformation Tuesday (Razor Edition)

There are so many moving parts and actions behind the scenes that help to make LiveFit clients so successful. Whether it’s Sara Crosswhite checking in on new clients or Shelly helping with client accounts and seeing if they have any questions for me, the wheels are ALWAYS in motion. Another behind the scenes star of our program is Shawn Bosel. Shawn is our Nutrition Accountability Coach and Social Media Manager for LiveFit Bootcamps. On a weekly basis he shares 20+[…]

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Muscle Retreat- Halloweeen

MUSCLE RETREAT HIGHLIGHTS!!!   Join us for a Halloween workout that will keep you guessing with Tricks and Treats around every turn. The fun will take place Saturday October 29th from 10-Noon. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes, ‘spooky’ accessories and more to win free supplements, private training sessions and fun Trick or Treat surprises. Afterwards we’ll celebrate in an adult feast of Halloween goodness and each person is encouraged to bring in a treat to share with the group.[…]

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Mom, Wife, Breast Cancer Survivor and Badass!

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Marissa Lenney My current transformation journey started when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I’ve always struggled with weight and I have always tried new things, but just never stuck with it. When I was diagnosed and on the road to recovery my doctor stated I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Losing weight, eating healthier and being more active could help my statistics of re0ccurrence of breast cancer. At this time I had wanted to lose[…]

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I wasn’t going to quit on myself (Michele’s transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Michele McCue Wow. I can’t believe I am sitting down to write one if these. When I got your text the first words out if my mouth were “holy fuck lol”. So here goes… I felt like I lost myself. I had a career change a few years ago when my husband and I moved back to Florida. I lost my drive, my identity, my purpose in life. The weight came fairly quickly after that….140 then[…]

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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag

**NEW** Check out the all new LiveFit Swag Store… All t-shirts/designs are printed as they are ordered and shipped to your house directly. Each month new designs will be revealed and the old designs will be locked away in the ‘vault’ forever, never to be seen again. Don’t hesitate, order now! ENTER The LiveFit Swag Store ===>

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