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There Is NO Magic Pill

Alright it’s time to listen up because I’m getting the sense you need to hear this… There is NO magic pill. There aren’t magical teas that actually make you lose weight. You can’t wish for your results.  So what can you do? You can WORK! Stop telling yourself that you’re doing every thing that you can. Stop telling yourself that you eat healthy and workout everyday and that nothing works for you. People always ask “how can I look like[…]

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December Detox Fat Burning Plan

14 Day December Detox Fat Burning Plan This easy to follow, step-by-step plan will help you shed an extra 5, 7, up to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.  ==> eat real food focusing on eating healthy fruits & veggies each day ==> eat lean fat burning proteins, hunger crushing snacks ==> hydrate your muscles, organs, skin (less wrinkles), improve your digestion ==> unlimited email support directly w/ Derek ==> program will be emailed to you Sat 12/1 and begin Mon 12/3 This[…]

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Feeling Down On Yourself????

It’s about setting realistic expectations for the month of December and not getting down on yourself if you gain a pound or two. After all, progress is progress. If you gained 5 pounds last December, gaining only 4 pounds this year is progress! (^^I’m the eternal optimist) 🙂 Here’s what you need to remember and what you need to forget to have a successful week ahead and finish off 2018 strong SHORT ON TIME? Skip to 4 minutes to hear 3[…]

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Effort + Intensity + Action

Effort + Intensity + Action…when these 3 things are consistently and deliberately in line with your expected outcome, you’ll succeed. But for most people they WANT one thing and they DO another thing, yet they still expect to succeed. Instead focus on realistic outcomes from realistic efforts and keep pushing for the long term result. Start slow, build a foundation and then keep building momentum forward in the right direction by using all night the tools this world provides you.[…]

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3 Diet Holiday Rescues

This past week has been a blur! Between family in town, our Thanksgiving/Black Friday workouts, the first week of follow-ups w/ the new ‘test group’ and putting together our yearly sales I feel like I haven’t stopped to breath 😮 The reason I’m sharing this is because you probably feel the same way as I do. Starting off Monday last week seemed like a quick abbreviated week followed by 4 days to relax and get caught up around the house.[…]

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From Open Heart Surgery to Flipping Tires in 2 Years (Blanca’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday success story written by Blanca Nevarez… So what got me started was hearing how awesome LiveFit Bootcamp was from a good friend and former client of LiveFit named Nick Galida . The defining moment was seeing that at all the videos and pictures of people’s progress from LiveFit were from so many different ages. That made me feel good that if so many people could do this, so could I, even with the struggles with my health. Of[…]

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Hope or Hustle? (transformation story)

Transformation Tuesday story by Hope Rozzi: I got started with LiveFit in June of 2018 when I saw a very unflattering picture of myself. It was then that I realized that I had to make some lifestyle changes. A good friend of mine, Tina, had been a client of LiveFit for years and had been actively trying to get me to join. I told her she was crazy, and that there was absolutely no way that I could do any[…]

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