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Do you struggle with Meal Prep?

Overcome the headaches of shopping, tedious recipes and time sucking meal prep! “You are what you eat. If you keep eating doughnuts, you are going to look like a doughnut. You get out what you put in. You cannot out train a bad diet.” You have heard all of these cliche statements before and you know how important nutrition is for your health, energy and body. Yet for some reason healthy eating and meal planning is something that continuously causes[…]

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Bootcamp is My “ME” Time (Bernadette’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by Bernadette Manglaris I started LiveFit Bootcamp thanks to two friends that were also attending. I was at my son’s football game his Senior year and saw them and knew I was going to be an empty nester soon and it was my time to start thinking about myself and needed something to fill the extra time once he went away to College. I had always been an athletic person, but that all went on the back[…]

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Overcome FEAR (Beckys Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Becky Zizzo I decided to start at LiveFit because I had grown tired of talking about, preparing for and researching my fitness plan to death. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time for that. But it was time for less research and more ACTION! Like most people, I was afraid to walk through those doors for the first time. In a previous transformation blog I talk about that 4-letter word, F E A R! By nature,[…]

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Salsa Crockpot Chicken

Do you know what sounds good for dinner tonight? Quick and easy meal ideas with recipes that are even easier! One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is planning ahead and using your crock pot. The best time to use this recipe is on the days you know you’ll be busiest during the week. But, keep in mind that means you need to cook your food the day before! So if Wednesday is your busiest day of the week[…]

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Living the Retirement DREAM (Sandy’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Sandy Kelley How did I start bootcamp….? My friend/co-worker April Kalloch would tell me about her son in law’s boot camp program (LiveFit BootCamp) every day when we went walking on our breaks at work. I had just started going to his dad’s chiropractic office a few months before and I would peek out the window to see what was going on!! It looked like fun but to be honest with you the words “bootcamp” was[…]

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Our FAVORITE Supplements for Health and Fat Loss

What supplements are right for you? Over the years nutritional supplementation has become a staple for people looking to build muscle or burn fat. The marketing dollars spent to influence you to have those thoughts and feelings most likely reach the BILLIONS! But the truth is you DON’T NEED supplements. <<=== you read that right Your body doesn’t need dietary supplements if you are eating perfectly, have amazing recovery between workouts, fall asleep instantly and have a lightning fast metabolism….[…]

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Waffles are Just Pancakes with Abs

3 quick, easy and healthy breakfast options… I love breakfast! Who doesn’t love either waffles or pancakes on the weekends? The downside with the “all American breakfast” is that most items include MASSIVE amounts of carbohydrates….and sugar. Here are 3 low carb options that you can pair anytime with either Canadian bacon, eggs or heck even greasy real bacon on occasion! Quick & Easy Protein Waffles Ingredients  1 cup egg whites 1 egg yolk 1/4 cup oatmeal 1 scoop protein[…]

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Stronger Mom, Stronger Family (Alicia’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday Blog by: Alicia Drago In high school I had such poor muscle strength in my knees that I spent a few months going to physical therapy to correct it. I was awkwardly clumsy and never athletic. Joining bootcamp was a big deal for me. It took a friend and me two years to sign up from the first time we talked about it! Having my friend as an accountability partner has been one of my biggest motivators. If you can[…]

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