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Think Small + Act Small = Big Changes

I want to keep this morning’s message to you short, sweet, but most of all simple. Stop over-stressing how many ounces of __________ you should eat or whether ________ minutes of ________ is better than _____________. Spend less time deciding and more time doing. You know that walking a little longer to your car is healthy. You know that fruit and vegetables are healthier than cake and pizza. You know that lifting a few extra repetitions will tighten your muscles. You know[…]

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Weekend Weight Gain?

Do you get frustrated from weekend weight gain? You go Monday through Friday each week, kicking butt and taking names then enjoy one or two small Indulgence on the weekend, only to find yourself weighing 2, 3 or 5 lbs heavier on Monday. What the heck right!? Here’s the first thing that you need to consider… 1.) Did you eat 2, 3 or 5 lb of food? Chances are you did not. So what you need to realize is that a[…]

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Flip Your Fitness Strategy (Start Today)

I just recorded a new podcast about “Flipping Your Fitness Strategy” and it goes in line with the email I sent you earlier in the week about commitment issues. Listen here ==> You see the thing is 1.) the fat on your body is not taking a day off from accumulating 2.) you are not taking days off from eating. So everyday that you don’t exercise, your fat has 2 extra chances of winning! This is ESPECIALLY true for your[…]

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What is a Morning Metabolizer?

I’ve got a a bit of harsh reality to share (or expose) with you today… Your stubborn body parts that are holding onto excess fat are only going to add on more and more fat. Why? Because your fat is committed 🙂 Your fat doesn’t take a day or a meal off. Your fat definitely doesn’t take a week or a month off So while you’re skipping workouts a greater uphill battle is forming on your… hips lower belly inner[…]

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New beginnings

Whether tomorrow is your first day of working out or the first day of your 5th year working out, every day you are starting over from scratch. I’ll explain… It doesn’t matter how good or bad your last meal was, the only thing that matters is your next meal. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your last workout was, the only thing that matters is your next workout. It doesn’t matter how much will power you had yesterday, the[…]

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relationship struggles :(

This morning I wanted to check in on you to see how your relationship is doing? Are you committed, or are things always off and on? Do you feel resentment at times? Do you question if it’s worth it at times? Is struggling with work and life balance getting in the way? Are financial troubles leading to emotional and reactionary responses to adversity? Is it a continuous battle of wondering what’s for dinner? Now while all of these questions could relate to your relationship with a[…]

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In too much pain to workout?

One of the biggest hold-ups I hear on a daily basis revolves around injuries and limitations to some of the most common exercises that we do regularly at bootcamp: Squats, Push-ups, Crunches, Lunges The key to long-term success is practicing safe injury prevention for shoulders, knees and low backs to keep your fitness progressing forward despite any setbacks! Watch Now ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Plus the greatest benefit to learning proper form and modifications is that you’ll actually start to build up strength while[…]

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Quickest Results Over The Last 7 & A Half Years…

My clients that have gotten the best and quickest results over the last seven and a half years have almost all had one thing in common. They either… 1.) attend our 6am bootcamp 2.) perform Morning Metabolizer workouts each day What is a Morning Metabolizer? Of course I always love giving things cool names, but in short a Morning Metabolizer is a quick 5 minute workout (or more) to jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning! While you’re sleeping[…]

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