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Diet Expectations & Disasters

Summer is here and if you want a flat stomach, less body fat and proud of what you see in the mirror…don’t skip this email! This video is from our Game of Shreds nutrition and accountability meeting last night. We discussed setting proper goals, having appropriate expectationsand developing a game plan for your effort and consistency to achieve the outcomes we are looking to accomplish. Podcast- YouTube- Facebook- My A.D.D. got the best of me and I should have waited until all butts were[…]

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Weekend Beach Body (5 Simple Steps)

Whether you are getting ready for a cruise that you didn’t quite get into the shape you were hoping, or you are finishing up the Game of Shreds challenge at LiveFit there will come a time when you need to lose weight QUICK!! Rest assured, I got your back to help you drop weight & inches ASAP… Read these simple steps and follow this gameplan for the next 72 hours (up to 7 days) to ensure you drop the most[…]

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Everyone does THIS wrong, do you?

I’m sure at your job or work you see something done incorrectly over and over again. Well, at my job I see the same thing! What I really see done incorrectly MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE is proper goal setting and planning. People think that just because the calendar flips to January 1 or the beginning of a new transformation challenge and all of the sudden everything will just click and fall into place. WRONG!!! ==> How’s that New Year’s resolution coming[…]

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“Just go for it” Melinda Desalvo Overall Transformation (health & body!)

I have been to pretty much all the local gyms, planet fitness, family fitness, premier choice fitness. After close to 6 months and multiple texts Kerrianne Farrow finally convince meet to try it out last January. Derek had the Inches and Pinches challenge going on, so I signed up for the 6 weeks and boy, was I nervous about doing it by myself because I normally work out with my husband. I work with people every day, but I am[…]

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#1 Food Buying Top to Drop Pounds

This one of the most important articles I’ll ever send you. First, a damaging admission… I like chocolate. I also like eating snack food for meals (like almonds and cashews… mixed with dark chocolate). While, technically, these food choices are still healthy (the nuts are packed with fiber, healthy fats, and a decent amount of protein), I rely on these foods too much. Those and protein bars. Time for me to man-up and get serious about my nutrition – just like[…]

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Lor’s Lifestyle Transformation

So I have always for the most part have done some type of exercise. For years I worked out at a local gym, but my weight always fluctuated .. up then down… up and down.. then up. I just got bored doing the same cardio workouts day after day. Michelle Medrano was my workout buddy (and still is today) . She told me that she was doing bootcamp now and she really liked it and thought I should try it![…]

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Faster Results for YOU!

So we’re running out of time before ‘summer’ and summer vacation, but let’s get real, it’s already hot enough for shorter shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. If you are behind schedule or have an upcoming vacation that you need to be 5, 10, 15 pounds lighter for, it’s not too late! But you HAVE to follow the steps I’ve laid out in this new video and podcast I made for you. I’ll break down the steps for you to[…]

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Find Your Strength- Maria’s Transformation Story

I started at LiveFit in November, on a complete whim. A couple co-workers and I were looking for a workout option, so we decided to ‘try’ Bootcamp. The first few weeks were a doozy, people actually took bets that we would quit after the two week trail (not mentioning any names here). Six months later, here we are. It very quickly became real to me, wanting to push through every workout a little harder, testing my body especially after overcoming[…]

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