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21 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism & Have Less Stress

For 21 straight days from April 1st until April 21st I will be highlighting an essential component to your Fitness and Nutritional success on my Facebook page. Each video will be 2 minutes or less and packed with info (I talk REALLY fast!) This all culminates to the biggest online Fitness and Nutrition seminar I’ve ever put together on April 22nd called the Metabolism Masterclass! The Metabolism Masterclass is a four-part seminar starting at 9 a.m. April 22nd. Live on[…]

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Do it like Dee!

Transformation Tuesday success story by mom and LiveFit manager Dee Ortiz… I decided to join LiveFit Bootcamp in June 2016 but I moved from Connecticut to Florida almost three years ago and slowly stopped working out and taking care of myself. I think a piece of me was a little depressed missing my family and friends. I’d make up all kinds of excuses like there’s nobody to run with,there’s nobody to work out with, it’s too hot outside or I[…]

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Easter Muscle Retreat

April 16th Total Body “EASTER” Muscle Retreat April 15, 10am-??? Our first “Easter” themed Muscle Retreat!! 3+ hour workout including an “Adult Easter Egg Hunt” Free supplement give-a-ways Workouts for ALL body parts Lift side by side with the LiveFit trainers and top clients Food and victory celebration afterwards 🙂 $150  save 34% off, early registration special (only $33/each) Muscle Retreat Registration 3 people $99.00 USD1 person $50.00 USD Name/Name(s) of Clients *Only 16 spots available, registration reserves your spot. No refunds[…]

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Don’t Let Failures Derail Your Goals!

Transformation Tuesday guest blog by: Hayley Cochran I’ve been pretty active my whole life. When I was in elementary school, I did cheerleading and dabbled a little into gymnastics to assist with tumbling. In middle school I started mixed martial arts (MMA) and kept with it for 5 years. Once I reached my junior and senior year I kept myself busy with school, working part time, planning for my future, and socializing. My diet wasn’t the best. I ate home[…]

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New LiveFit Shirts & Swag

**NEW** Check out the all new LiveFit Swag Store… All t-shirts/designs are printed as they are ordered you will be contacted by a LiveFit staff member when it is available for pick-up. Each month new designs will be revealed and the old designs will be locked away in the ‘vault’ forever, never to be seen again. Don’t hesitate, order now! This order will be finalized April 14th. All orders after April 14th will be added to the next order and[…]

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DO NOT OVERTHINK IT! (Naomi’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Naomi Fields One thing to know about me is I am an over thinker! I analyze everything until there is absolutely nothing left. I found it hilarious that the text message from Derek told me to write 250 words about my journey and to not overthink it! Yeah right! Once again this whole Boot Camp adventure has taken me out of my comfort zone and showed me to just show up and DO IT!! So here[…]

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Flab to Abs in 35 days (NEW Program!)

*The Flab2Abs in 35 days program was emailed to all active bootcamp clients Saturday morning. If you did not receive the complete program or need more info, please text me anytime 727-810-4005 REGISTRATION ENDS SOON There’s nothing that looks better or feels better than having a flat stomach. Think about it… When someone tells you they have been working out where is the first place that your eyes travel? Most likely it straight to their mid section. If you told[…]

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