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Total Body Team Transformation Challenge

Get ready for the BIGGEST Team Transformation Challenge of the Year at LiveFit Bootcamps!!! Every year we have multiple transformation challenges but the team challenges, by far, are the most popular and produce the greatest results. What is it? We kick off the challenge by measuring every clients belly, hip and thighs and testing their starting body fat percentage. We also test every client in 20 different exercises and challenges to determine how many repetitions or how long each particular[…]

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Join us for Beach Bash!

Get ready for the first-ever LiveFit Bootcamp Beach Bash! Part Party, part Workout, part Challenges and TONS of teamwork will combine for a memorable morning with a group of the most motivating and inspirational people in your life. This all goes down at 10 a.m. on Saturday June 3rd at Sunwest Mines. The park opens at 10 a.m. (parking fee) and we will immediately begin set up afterwards. Water, Gatorade and fruit will be provided to keep everyone energized and[…]

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50 Shaved and Gray- Michaels Amazing Transformation!

My inspiration came from Corey (Cottrell) and (Robert) Kirby. I’ve watched them play music gigs for years and the drinking that goes along with it. I got to see both of them working out and starting their transformation’s. I wanted to get on board and start bootcamp. I was actually on board and ready to start before I had my scare at the hospital where they told me my heart wasn’t working properly. So that was the start, it was a[…]

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“One Day or Day One?” -Client blog by Hayley

Guest blog post by LiveFit Bootcamp client Hayley Cochran: I’m encouraging anyone in the area to try LiveFit – Bootcamps, Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching. Try it out for 2 weeks for just $1 dollar.. yea you read that right.. ONE DOLLAR! You’re literally risking nothing to try out my gym. I’ve been going to LiveFit for 7 months now and I am strictly a client, but results speak for themselves and I have no problem supporting something that has 100%[…]

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Getting over the stumbles…One day or Day One. You decide.

Having trouble getting started? Some days it takes just getting started on something. Walk for your mailbox today. Walk to your neighbor’s mailbox tomorrow, and then the next and the next and the next. Start building momentum and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Don’t overwhelm yourself with starting too many things at once, sometimes just one step is all it takes! So why do you continuously start a new exercise program only to quit a few[…]

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Overcoming ALL Obstacles (bikini transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blogs by Usilia Emilione and Catie Mansfield   Usilia: I have struggled with weight fluctuation my whole life…I call it “the accordion effect”…the constant weight gain and loss, along with lovely genetics, gave me stretch marks and beautiful cellulite that has haunts me since I was like 9 years old. So even when I lost weight, I was always burdened with dimples and ripples all over my butt and thighs. I was made fun of it when I[…]

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21 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism & Have Less Stress

For 21 straight days from April 1st until April 21st I will be highlighting an essential component to your Fitness and Nutritional success on my Facebook page. Each video will be 2 minutes or less and packed with info (I talk REALLY fast!) This all culminates to the biggest online Fitness and Nutrition seminar I’ve ever put together on April 22nd called the Metabolism Masterclass! The Metabolism Masterclass is a four-part seminar starting at 9 a.m. April 22nd. Live on[…]

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Do it like Dee!

Transformation Tuesday success story by mom and LiveFit manager Dee Ortiz… I decided to join LiveFit Bootcamp in June 2016 but I moved from Connecticut to Florida almost three years ago and slowly stopped working out and taking care of myself. I think a piece of me was a little depressed missing my family and friends. I’d make up all kinds of excuses like there’s nobody to run with,there’s nobody to work out with, it’s too hot outside or I[…]

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