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Are you ready for tomorrow? (start planning NOW!)

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Are you ready for tomorrow? (start planning NOW!)

The old expression goes “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”.

No truer words can be said regarding your success in life, business, family, marriage and especially fitness and weight loss.

How do the successful ones do it?

They have a goal, make a plan, follow the steps and repeat day after day, week after week, month after month.

There is no magic workout, supplement, meal, exercise plan or trainer. It’s about YOU!

You cannot skip the steps with anything in life if you want lasting results and success. You have to have a foundation to build upon.

A foundation of knowledge, understanding and desire to push through even when times get tough to achieve ultimate success.

Otherwise if you crash diet, rely on supplements or engage in extended strenuous workouts to lose weight and get results, you eventually will burn out.

We’ve all been through it. We go hard, we mean well but we eventually stop doing the crazy diet, or get tired of taking fat burners that drain the adrenal glands of energy, and your knees, back and nervous system can no longer push through the grueling workouts you used to be able to do just a few months prior.

The pendulum HAS to swing both ways…the more extreme you go in one direction, rest assured the more extreme you’ll eventually go back in the other direction.

So how can you start getting ready for tomorrow?

Follow these 3 steps to get Monday started with the right foot forward and take on the week ahead…

1. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen and write out the 3 most important things you need to get done this week AND your 3 most important goals in life. Make these real, attainable goals but things that usually end of falling out of your reach each week or things your ‘never have time for’.

2. Below each of your 3 tasks and 3 goals, make 3 bullet points of steps or actions you can take to ensure each of these things remains top of mind and within reach. You should have 18 bullet points once you are finished.

3. Out of the 18 bullet points you have listed, pick 14 of them and choose a day of the week to focus on each particular step. Just 2 per day, one bullet point that works towards a goal and one bullet point that works towards a task you need to accomplish.

These bullet points you’ll notice will actually be lifestyle habits that you need to start incorporating to see the results you desire. Some of them, like in my example below, will need to be repeated daily for best results.

Each morning, midday and evening review your list and your steps that you committed to do for the day. Are you on track?

If not, redirect your actions to the correct course.

You cannot reach your goals without following the steps so, focus on what you can control.


1. Goal- Lose 10 pounds of body fat

2. 3 Steps

  • Write out my meals each week on Sundays so I know if I need to shop or prep anything
  • Pack my meals for each day the night before going to sleep along with my exercise clothes
  • Workout at least 4 days per week

3. Monday

  1. Have meals and gym clothes packed
  2. Workout 1 of 4 days for the week

Don’t make this harder than it is.

There is never a perfect time, place or situation. You have to make the most of what you have.

Start now; don’t wait until “later” because you won’t do it later!

Once you write out your goals and steps, shoot me an email and share them with me. We’re in this together!

Committed to your fitness success and the next phase of your journey,

Derek Kuryliw, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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