This week was one of those crazy, hellacious and over-scheduled weeks that normally causes massive amounts of anxiety and leaves me running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

Luckily that didn’t happen.

And I have to say that it’s not because of luck, it’s because of experience, learning from my mistakes, and implementing strategies I’m sharing with you today.

You see, everyday I write a completely fresh and new to-do list. Sometimes I even write them multiple times per day.

My lists are highly organized, very specific and list individual detailed descriptions of every project or task.

So my list, instead of having only three, four or five projects, you will find that there are actually 20 or more “mini tasks” that need to be accomplished throughout the week….sometimes for EACH TASK!

Each task will have a date written next to them of ‘estimated completion’ so that way when I am looking at the entire list it does not cause anxiety because I know that there is a day and time scheduled for it already.

So for example this is one section from my list…

21 Day Ab Assault 
-create logo 
-create bullet points of features 
-create calendar event 
-create application 
-create Facebook ads promoting program 
-create follow-up texts to confirm all clients 
-create outline of program 
-create lists of exercises 
-type up exercise plan 
-create nutrition outline 
-type up nutrition plan 
-shoot exercise videos w/ instructions 
-edit videos and group into 4 workouts 
-upload all content on 
-create private Facebook group 
-finalize all content on download page 
-create download page overview video 
-create notes for Tuesday and Thursday orientation 
-create text to remind all clients about Tues/Thurs orientation 
….and so on and so forth.

This might look intimidating, but we actually followed almost this exact outline this week for our Teacher Appreciation Sale, our Memorial Day obstacle course workout, the LiveFit Murph challenge on Tuesday, our Summer Strength and Speed youth camp…all in 5 days!

That’s an INSANE week, but we did not go insane.

The more detailed you are, the less anxiety you’ll experience. You see in my personal experience, anxiety always comes from dealing or ‘expecting’ the unknown things to happen.

If I would’ve just wrote down, “Create 21 Day Ab Assault” there would constantly be ‘just one more thing’ and then another, and another, and another.

And when you feel like ‘nothing ever gets done’ or ‘there’s still so much left to do’ all you need to do is write down EVERY step and write down a realistic deadline next to it!

So instead of procrastinating and putting something off with no real timeline or expectation of completing something, you’re assigning a real task with a real deadline. This is SO much easier to swallow and much more rewarding.

It’s almost like crossing something off your list without actually crossing something off your list.

So start writing down your goals, to-do lists and mini tasks as detailed as possible. The more vague you are, the more likely it won’t get completed and you’ll feel defeated.

Summer is here and schedules are about to change, vacations are being planned, kids need to be entertained and so much more.

If you’ve struggle keeping your life together already, buckle up because it’s not going to get any easier.

Follow these steps, get sh!t done, build your confidence, increase your momentum and let’s have the happiest summer of our lives!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂