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Did your waistline grow in 2016?

So why aren’t you in better shape this year than last year?

If you continue to under eat, binge eat, yo yo diet, count point/calories/ice cream sundaes (opps) then you are going to continue growing more and more frustrated from your growing waist line…

You can do nothing, ignore the changes, and keep using old and unreliable tactics to try to get in shape and lose weight OR you can do something about it so that you don’t fall victim to the same struggles and so that you can make 2017 your best year ever. Top fitness boot camp transformation 2015

Your fitness plan needs an overhaul and you need to be exposed to the new strategies that are working like wildfire for so many people.

That’s why I created The 30 Day Inches and Pinches Transformation Challenge…

What does the 30 day body transformation challenge include?

  • month long fitness program of bootcamp workouts, stretching, at home workouts 
  • progressive daily warm up challenge to increase strength, mobility, conditioning and strength
  • 3 choices of nutritional plans-
    • An introductory meal plan with simple, easy to follow guidelines and daily goals (easiest)
    • A complete daily meal plan with corresponding recipes and weekly grocery shopping list (structured and easy to follow)
    • A carbohydrate rotational diet using MyFitnessPal to torch your metabolism and still eat carbs (challenging but most effective)
  • online coaching emails that kicks off with a meal plan sent to your inbox the first week of 2017
  • 2 free live in-person nutrition seminar with me January 12th and January 26th (7:40pm both dates and also available on Facebook Live)
  • pre and post measurements and body fat % testing
    • current clients- initial measurements the week of 1/9, you will be emailed with specifics
    • new clients-  TuesdayJanuary 17th during ALL bootcamp sessions (if you cannot make it, please email Derek to make arrangements)
  • access to the Official LiveFit Support group on Facebook with workouts, exercise descriptions, support and private announcements

**Best of all, EVERY current LiveFit Bootcamp client is automatically enrolled** arrows-pointing-downWho is this transformation challenge for?


If you are tired of quitting your fitness resolutions because of lack of motivation, accountability, structure and guidance then this is for you!

We give you all the tools to be successful no matter your previous exercise experience, nutritional knowledge or pre-existing injuries.

If you’re still not sure if YOU can do this, please watch the video above. Sara Crosswhite personal trainer female mom success story

Your success is our success so it’s our job to help you every step of the way.

We provide you exercise modifications each day to ensure that you are learning the proper form for each exercise, safely and effectively. If you have a limiting injury, we’ll do our best to show you a similar alternative exercise or simple modification to keep you on track and never miss a workout!

We take away the excuses so all you have to do is show up, work hard for 30 minutes and follow the plan.

You just have to trust the process as so many other successful clients have before you…best of all, those same people will be by your side helping you, pushing you and encouraging you every step of the way.

Because they’ve been in your shoes and they know what it’s like to be where YOU are now!

Our support system is second to none and these amazing, inspirational people will show you the way.

When does it start?

January 16th- Challenge begins

Nothing extra to do on this day except beginning your 30 day meal plan, doing your pre-workout warm up and your daily workout

January 17th- Measurements for new clients

Complete measurements and body fat % testing during ALL bootcamp sessions (if you cannot make it, please email Derek to make arrangements)

*current clients- initial measurements the week of 1/9, you will be emailed with specifics

January 12th (FREE)- Mastering the Basics (protein, carbs & fat) & Automating YOUR Accountability System

January 26th (FREE)- How to Dominate Meal Planning, Food Prep & High Energy/Low Guilt Snacking

nutrition slider

These two live seminars will get you on your way to a leaner, healthier and more energized 2016.

If you’ve never been to one of my seminars before, I make things EXTREMELY simple!

This is how over 90% of my successful clients get their start. It all begins with the basics.

If you make your nutrition program complicated, complex or way off from your normal daily menu…IT’S A FAD!

You need to learn to eat the foods you like, that you’ve grown up with, that you crave but, in a healthier approach.

February 13th & 14th- Final Measurements and Body Fat % testing

Complete schedule for final measurement dates will be emailed prior to the final week.

How do you get started?

Start your own success story and reserve your spot for the 30 Day Pinches and Inches Transformation Challenge for only $97

    • Unlimited Bootcamp Sessions
    • Entry into New Years Transformation Challenge (starts Monday 1/16/16, meal plan emailed 1st week of 2017 to prepare and start early if you’d like)
    • Pre & Post Complete Measurements
    • Pre & Post Bodyfat % Analysis
    • Full Nutrition Plan, Daily Menu & Food Choices
    • Weekly Goals and Nutritional Coaching emails with Derek
    • Entry to 2 Nutrition Seminars (nutrition basics, mastering calories, meal planning, food prep, cheat meals and more…)
    • At Home Workouts and Stretching Routines
    • Daily Warm Up Challenge (designed to progressively advance your form, strength and results)

Challenge Entry, Unlimited Bootcamp, Meal Plan/Nutrition Seminar

I can tell you with 100% certainly that I can help you take your health and fitness to massive success.

And the best part is that you can get all of the coaching, action steps, and support though my live coaching, webinars and weekly action and accountability emails included FREE with your registration!

You just have to be one of my clients. It’s that simple.

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
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Register now…it takes less than 2 minutes be on your way to a New Year, New Body and New YOU!!

Challenge Entry, Unlimited Bootcamp, Meal Plan/Nutrition Seminar

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mentally and physically than you ever imagined. I leave no one behind and the only way you will not see results is if you never get started. I stand behind my fitness, conditioning and dieting programs and for that reason I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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