This past week has been a blur! Between family in town, our Thanksgiving/Black Friday workouts, the first week of follow-ups w/ the new ‘test group’ and putting together our yearly sales I feel like I haven’t stopped to breath 😮

The reason I’m sharing this is because you probably feel the same way as I do. Starting off Monday last week seemed like a quick abbreviated week followed by 4 days to relax and get caught up around the house.

Well, it’s Sunday and that’s not entirely how it’s played out this week haha 🙂

So it got me thinking that probably also means you haven’t even thought about your meal planning for the upcoming week and that inevitably leads to Diet Disasters!!!

Here are 2 easy ways to get yourself on track…

1. Start Tracking Your Calories

Okay so you’ll rarely ever hear me say this, but let me explain.

Start using MyFitnessPal app on your phone to track your food intake each day. I’m not recommending you stay under a certain number, all I want you to do is have to manually enter EVERYTHING you eat into the MFP app so you can be aware of how much calories, fat and sugar are in the items you’re about to eat.

It’s amazing because some of the foods we think are the healthiest, might also contain the most amount of fat/sugar and we don’t even realize it.

Click to learn ==> 5 Tips On How to Use MyFitnessPal App

If you want to stay a little more strict over the holidays to get a jumpstart on your weight loss, there’s even recommendations on calorie intake in that link above.

2. Do a Sugar Detox

The first think people think when they hear detox is diarrhea, this is not that 🙂

One of my favorite ‘tricks’ to prevent weight gain during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (<<my other fav eating holiday!) is to do a fast or a sugar detox.

This year we’re doing a 14 day no starch, no sugar detox group designed to reduce belly bloat, drop 5-10 pounds while focusing on eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and fats.

The idea is to stay moving and stay eating to keep your energy high and you metabolism burning.

Even if this sounds like an awesome option to you, the program does not start until next Monday so you have some time to purge out the last few snacks in your cupboard!

Just remember that ‘not having enough time’ is not an excuse this holiday season to eat garbage and feel like crap. This is a time to take care of yourself so that you can take care of everyone else in your life to bring them JOY.

The only way that’s possible is to fuel your body properly.
The only way that’s possible is to make a plan.

You can do this and together we’ll conquer December weight gain!

Committed to your fitness success,