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21 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism & Have Less Stress

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21 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism & Have Less Stress

For 21 straight days from April 1st until April 21st I will be highlighting an essential component to your Fitness and Nutritional success on my Facebook page. Each video will be 2 minutes or less and packed with info (I talk REALLY fast!)

This all culminates to the biggest online Fitness and Nutrition seminar I’ve ever put together on April 22nd called the Metabolism Masterclass!

The Metabolism Masterclass is a four-part seminar starting at 9 a.m. April 22nd.

Live on Your Laptop, Tablet & Mobile Device from ANYWHERE in the World!

Watch, ask questions, react to topics in real time no matter where you are…out of town, at the soccer fields, even at work! (shhh don’t tell the boss) 🙂

===> ONLY 8 SPOTS LEFT <===

The Schedule Saturday April 22nd

9am- Advanced Nutritional Strategies
(Creating Deficits, Cheat Days & Peak Your Physique)

9:30am- Live Nutritional Q & A

9:45-10am- BREAK

10am- Accelerated Fat Burning & Stubborn Bodypart Targeting
(Targeting Belly/Hips/Thighs)

10:30-10:45am- Live Fitness Q & A

10:45-11am- BREAK

11am- Organizing the Chaos
(Life, Schedule, Meal Planning & Goals)

11:30-11:45am- Live Q & A to Customize Your Plan

11:45-12pm- BREAK

Noon- Putting it All Together
(Mastering Your Personalized Plan)

12:30-12:45pm- Live Q & A “Mastering Your Metabolism”

I’ve put together so much great content that I promise it’ll BLOW your mind and exceed your expectations. But that’s not even the best part…

After the masterclass you’ll receive access to the entire training materials including all the notes, slides and video content to review anytime you need a refresher. This is like getting tutoring directly from the teacher!

Plus I’m also giving each participant 2 complete weeks of done-for-you meal plans, stubborn body part workouts, follow up support and more because we know that implementation, follow-up and accountability is SO important.

So I hope you enjoy the next 21 days of fitness and nutrition tips on my Facebook page and if the masterclass sounds like the perfect fit for you I’ll see you April 22nd!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, Your Fitness Yoda 🙂

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Metabolism Masterclass BOGO

2 complete registrations for only $149  or 1 for $99

You will NEVER see a lower price or you’ll be refunded 100%. 

Metabolism Masterclass Sale
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Or, 3 easy weekly payments…

Metabolism Masterclass (3 payments)
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