Today is day #1 of healthier eating and exercise for 150+ LiveFit clients, and about 20 newbie first timers!

So needless to say, some things are going to change in people’s lives quickly.

Today you can either…

a) stay doing the same thing they are doing, and continue falling further out of shape as your body continues to age

b) start a crash diet today, lose a ton of weight over the next 4-6 weeks (while you’re still bundled up in winter clothes) only to fall off track and rebound your weight by the time weather heats up and layers of clothes get peeled off

c) start making healthier decisions today than you did yesterday while you continue to build up better habits, rituals and will power so that when warm weather is here you have fully hit your stride, looking leaner than ever and tons of energy to conquer summer

The choice is completely yours, but more often than not people choose A or B even though both of those answers look ridiculous to you right now.

You see the problem lies within the grey area between your start date and the end of your first 2 weeks. Let me explain…

==> According to a recent fitness survey, 50% of people quit their diet and exercise program within the first 72 hours! (that’s awful btw)

You want to know what is crazy? Those numbers are being WAY too generous!

In fact seeing these numbers made me totally nerd-out and calculate all of our stats for the past 3 years to see where our clients fall. Here is the numbers…

==> almost 10% of clients that sign up for LiveFit never show up for their first workout

==> out of the remaining 90%, only about 1/2 make it to their second workout

==> out of the remaining 45% only 1/2 make it to their 2nd week

BUT, what is crazy is that if clients make it through their first 2 weeks, they are with us for a minimum of 6.7 months!!!

n fact 89.6% of LiveFit clients have been with us for over 6 months and over 66% have been with us for over 2 years!

It’s because they have made working out a part of their lifestyle and didn’t focus on making a quick diet change.

It’s because they have found a community of support from other busy moms and professionals that help them realize we all make mistake, and that they only way we fail is if we keep repeating our mistakes.

It’s because they have built strength, will-power, confidence and commitment in themselves which has carried over into their personal, professional and family life.

But unfortunately if you never make it past the 1st day, you’ll never know that these benefits exist. You’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. EVERYTHING will always seem like an uphill battle.

The reason I feel so many people quit on their first day is because of incorrect, unknown, unrealistic and false EXPECTATIONS.

And that is MY FAULT!

If we never let you know what to expect, what you will feel, what you will think and what you will struggle with, how can I possibly expect you to handle all this immediate change that you encounter in the first 24-72 hours of starting a new fitness program???

So I shot this new video for you this morning with the Top 4 Things you need to know

Day 1…What is will be like and how it will feel your first time ???

Posted by Derek Kuryliw on Monday, January 6, 2020

In this video I discuss…

1.) You’ll constantly be thinking about it – breaking old habits
2.) You will suck and it will suck in the beginning
3.) You are going to make mistakes – you’ll live, keep going
4.) Pick your hard – the way you’re currently feeling or a few tough days

The missing link to making it or breaking it in your first 72 hours is properly setting up your expectations of the road ahead, and I’m going to do my best in 2020 to help communicate that message better!

Committed to your fitness success,