After taking a look at the numbers this morning, there will be 100+ people starting the 14 day December Detox program today!

Even if you are not one of these 100 or so people, the 10 groundrules you’ll find below can be used for a lifetime of healthy weight loss.

The reason these groundrules are so important is because it creates a framework of simple do’s and don’ts with little grey area. It’s not about starving yourself, but rather it’s ALL about nourishing yourself.

CRAZY GUARANTEE ==> In fact I feel these 10 groundrules are so essential and important that if you started EVERY morning for the next year by reading these you could easily be down 20-50 pounds next Christmas WITHOUT ANY strict dieting!

1.) Fuel the fire with protein- this along with vegetables is the foundation of all your meals. (75-125 grams women, 125-175 grams men)

2.) Fruit is your friend- include fresh fruit in your snacks between meals to maintain your energy and provide healthy enzymes for better digestion. (2-3 pieces daily)

3.) Veggies are your janitors- include vegetables with every meal to increase the duration of satiety and improve digestion. (No limit)

4.) Fat moves slow- fats like nuts, seeds, oils and animal meats will help keep you full longer. If you know you will be going a longer duration until your next meal, include fat. If you’ll be eating again within an hour or two, fats are optional. (1 tbsp women, 2 tbsp men)

5.) Balance is key- when having any starchy carbs like pasta, potato, bread, rice or similar make sure that your protein and vegetable serving is larger. There’s not necessarily a limit, but focus on more of the good stuff first. (¼- ½ cup women, ½ – 1 cup men)

6.) Provide fuel for activity- limit carbs when sedentary and focus on eating carbs and fruit when you’re most active.

7.) Don’t get bored or complicated- this is a simple meal plan that provides a lot of flexible, don’t be afraid to try new things and keep things fresh.

8.) Cheat to get ahead- these can be very beneficial when planned properly and used to satisfy a craving. It should be consumed in a sensible portion in one meal only, not an entire cheat day.

9.) Hydration is everything- without it you die. It might sound harsh, but the more water you drink the better your skin, energy, digestion, workout recovery and just about every other function in your body will improve. (drink a minimum of ½ your bodyweight in ounces)

10.) Consistency is key- you will make a mistake or not know what to do at some point in this program. It’s not about eating PERFECT, it’s about eating BETTER. Remember that one mistake will not derail an entire program, but repeated mistakes and lack of planning will. Be relentlessly forgiving of yourself and don’t give up!

Remember that fitness is about a lifetime of healthy decisions.

Just like with any game you play it doesn’t matter how well you are doing in the first quarter or at halftime, all that matters is who is winning the game when the clock hits 0:00

So win the game of life by rewarding your body with amazing food, your brain with unrelenting energy and your confidence to know that you can do anything you want in life. You got this!

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda 🙂