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Dawn’s Transformation Tuesday Journey

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Dawn Stolz For me, I have done different things to try and get myself jump started to being healthier and happier. The only thing that changed, I was happy during that moment. Eating better, never got better. Exercising daily, didn’t happen. It wasn’t until I saw Crystal Merkle-Wallace’s transformation.(For Crystals’s story: She and I played soccer together. I had asked her, what she was doing, and she said she was going to LiveFit bootcamp. I[…]

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Stop Making Excuses and Fearing Yourself- Kim’s Transformation

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Kim Cummings I was always a wild child and I didn’t take care of myself I smoked and partied a lot. In 2013 it all caught up with me I had a heart attack and a stent put in at the age of 42. I knew then I needed to clean up my act and start taking care of myself. I tried doing some stuff at home like walking and home exercise machines. But it didn’t last[…]

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12 Week Private Nutritional Coaching Special

You. Are. Busy. You. Have. Stress. We. Get. It….So did we. Then we got organized, developed structure and set up accountability tools to help us stay on track. That’s what we are here to help you with. Time, it’s the only thing we cannot get back, buy or invest to get more of…until now! We are going to help you get back more time. We are going to help you get organized and structured. We are going to tell you[…]

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72 Hour Bootcamp Sale

  *ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE* Please reserve your spot by entering your name and email below, or text Derek 727-810-4005 or Michelle 727-267-1117 directly. Prefer to use a credit card instead? Check out our 3 month and 10 month Black Friday specials!!! Includes- Unlimited daily, weekly and monthly bootcamp workouts Entry into all transformation challenges Monthly nutritional plan Monthly live nutrition seminar Progress tracking- complete measurements and body fat analysis every 6-8 weeks FREE Friend Friday- bring[…]

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