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Buns & Guns Muscle Retreat (3 hour SPECIAL EVENT)

What do you get when you combine head turning guns and jaw dropping buns??? The answer… Oh wait sorry…I got sidetracked by Google Images 🙂 Face it- BOOTY’s are IN and nice GUNS have never gone out of style since the days of Arnold pumping iron on Muscle Beach. The temperature is warming up and summer is here. Shorter shorts and bathing suits are replacing jeans and yoga pants. Cutoffs and tank tops are replacing sweatshirts and long sleeves. We[…]

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Top Transformation of 2016 (over 120 pounds lost!)

Face it, it’s tough to lose 10 pounds. It’s even tougher to lose 20 pounds. And it’s near impossible to lose any weight and KEEP IT OFF for any extended duration of time. Well, not if you do it the right way. If you start by focusing on making yourself healthier, fuel your body with the correct foods and exercise for mobility and stamina…then your side effect will be weight loss, stronger muscles and a healthier YOU! It’s only when[…]

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30 Day Inches and Pinches Transformation Challenge

Quick, registration CLOSES in… Did your waistline grow in 2016? So why aren’t you in better shape this year than last year? If you continue to under eat, binge eat, yo yo diet, count point/calories/ice cream sundaes (opps) then you are going to continue growing more and more frustrated from your growing waist line… You can do nothing, ignore the changes, and keep using old and unreliable tactics to try to get in shape and lose weight OR you can[…]

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Strong Mom, Strong Family (Amanda’s Transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Amanda Jones I’m writing this just in the nick of time as the movers will be here shortly to pack up the computer and the rest of my belongings before I move to Ireland in a week!! I never considered myself to be unhealthy or incredibly out of shape. Yes, my weight fluctuated with each child, but I managed to bounce back reasonably okay. Child three rolls around…. I was eating a very healthy whole foods[…]

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