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Little Black Dress fitness coaching

These 15 beauties turned heads! (LBD #5)

Think about it, I’m sure you have been through this before… You have either: 1.) cut your calories drastically, 2.) worked out excessively or 3.) spent hours doing tedious cardio …All without much to show for it or when you finally do see results you either get burned out or you hit a plateau. So, when you get to this point most people either keep pushing on doing the same thing for a few more days or weeks until they’re[…]

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How to Live Fit while traveling: Fitness success in diet, exercise, packing and planning

So what happens when you travel or go on vacation? Does progress and gains go out the window or do you stay on track? Are you the miserable person on the trip that needs special exceptions for restaurant choices because of your ‘diet’? Or are you the person that doesn’t make excuses for your results and takes accountability for your success? For me, progress can never be stopped. You either are improving or you’re getting worse, there is no in between.[…]

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Derek Kuryliw Live Fit Nutrition Coaching Weight Loss

Your Top 11 Diet Questions Answered in UNDER 3 Minutes!

When you lose, I win. When I lose, you win! What am I talking about? Last night we hosted our free monthly nutrition seminar. I finish the seminar in a different format than I ever have before… I challenged everyone who attended to give me their toughest questions on the toughest issues that you face on a day-to-day basis. If I couldn’t answer all of those questions in under 2 minutes I agreed that I would do 10 burpees. Well[…]

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Transformation Tuesday Alisa Bootcamp Live Fit

STRONG, not skinny! (My Transformation Story)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Alisa Howard I have always done the gym, but I noticed over the last three years that even with the gym workouts my weight was increasing. I was not happy with the way I looked, even though people said I looked great. I knew that for me my weight was not where I wanted it to be. I would see the “Two Weeks for 1 Dollar” pop up on my news feed. I thought, ” just[…]

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