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Transformation Tuesday Alisa Bootcamp Live Fit

STRONG, not skinny! (My Transformation Story)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Alisa Howard I have always done the gym, but I noticed over the last three years that even with the gym workouts my weight was increasing. I was not happy with the way I looked, even though people said I looked great. I knew that for me my weight was not where I wanted it to be. I would see the “Two Weeks for 1 Dollar” pop up on my news feed. I thought, ” just[…]

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Tina Jones boot camp weight loss success

Tina’s Mind and Body Transformation

Guest blog post by mother and Transformation Tuesday success story Tina Jones… I was working out on my own, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I would see Shirley’s post on Facebook, which peaked my interest on what boot camp was all about. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. When Shirley messaged me about a special deal, I finally decided to see for myself. I wasn’t sure if this was something that[…]

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9-11 Memorial Workout (Muscle Retreat)

Join us Sunday September 11th from 9-11am as we honor all those who lost their lives in one of our nations most devastating attacks.  >>> 2,977 confirmed deaths on September 11th (Trade Center, Pentagon & first responders) >>> 343 fire fighters gave their lives to save another’s >>> 23 police officers sacrificed their safety to protect other’s  >>> 2-85 years old, the youngest and eldest to lose their lives in the World Trade Center ALL of these numbers, people and[…]

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3 Steps conquer diet fitness live fit

3 Steps to Conquer Your Diet and Fitness Next Week

Today we’re here to talk about that one person… …that one person that we all know that every single Monday they say they’re starting over that it’s a new beginning for starting exercising, they’re going to start eating better, they’re going to go to the gym after work each day and so on and so on. By Tuesday they’ve already fallen off the wagon and by Tuesday they’ve already given up for the week. Are you struggling to get your[…]

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