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I wasn’t going to quit on myself (Michele’s transformation)

Transformation Tuesday blog by: Michele McCue Wow. I can’t believe I am sitting down to write one if these. When I got your text the first words out if my mouth were “holy fuck lol”. So here goes… I felt like I lost myself. I had a career change a few years ago when my husband and I moved back to Florida. I lost my drive, my identity, my purpose in life. The weight came fairly quickly after that….140 then[…]

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Top 10 Diet Mistakes Revealed (VIDEO)

Do you feel lost? Stuck? Confused? Have you ever met a happy person that doesn’t eat carbs??? You are not alone! There is so much conflicting information about dieting and fat loss these days that it’s very common to hear conflicting theories AND some things that seem too good to be true. Well I’m here decipher the clutter and answer once and for all. I shot this new video covering the Top 10 Most Common Diet Mistakes that you can[…]

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Late Night Desserts (without the guilt)

Indulgent taste without the guilt… So it’s extremely important to not just eliminated unhealthy foods from your diet when you are looking to lose weight and make a transformation, but to also replace those unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives. Just like when you break a bad habit you need to replace that habit with a new good habit, the same applies with food and desserts. If you are constantly telling yourself that you cannot eat the good tasting food, you[…]

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