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Stronger Muscles, Stronger Mind (Aimee’s Transformation Story)

Guest blog post by Transformation Tuesday success story Aimee Oosting… I wasn’t always the skinny, athletic type. I was healthy and had a little meat on the bones as they say. I met the man that would be my husband and I got really comfortable, ate what I wanted and enjoyed life. Then I gave birth to healthy full term twins and my body was never the same. I got lazy and complacent, I just didn’t care anymore. I tried[…]

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YOUR Next Challenge

Are you ready for your next fitness challenge??? Well then buckle up, get ready and call two friends to join you for 3 hours of lifting weights, burning fat and sharing lots of laughs and high-fives with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet! This month’s Muscle Retreat is sure to leave you feeling challenged, accomplished and proud of your achievements. Join us Saturday March 4th at 10 a.m. for three hours of customized workouts, free supplements provided by[…]

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Melissa’s Transformation Story

Guest blog by Transformation Tuesday success story Melissa Saddler: I have always thought about losing weight for a long time. Nothing moved me until I became short of breath, on a regular basis. Walking 20 feet to my car or walking up the stairs at work having to take several minutes to catch my breath before talking to someone. I have always been self conscious about my weight and looks. I’ve always thought people look at my size and judge[…]

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Buns & Guns Muscle Retreat (3 hour SPECIAL EVENT)

What do you get when you combine head turning guns and jaw dropping buns??? The answer… Oh wait sorry…I got sidetracked by Google Images 🙂 Face it- BOOTY’s are IN and nice GUNS have never gone out of style since the days of Arnold pumping iron on Muscle Beach. The temperature is warming up and summer is here. Shorter shorts and bathing suits are replacing jeans and yoga pants. Cutoffs and tank tops are replacing sweatshirts and long sleeves. We[…]

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